8. The Eye Coach


For players 4’2″ or taller

Adjustable Height: 32″ – 39″
Weight: 13.7 lbs.
Includes: 17-shot training video, training manual


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Challenge:  Learning to hit cleanly or teaching a student to hit cleanly is one of the biggest challenges in tennis. In fact, studies show 8 out of 10 mishits are created by lack of focus. This is true for pros and beginners alike.


Solution:  The Eye Coach solves this #1 problem in tennis by training you to focus consistently on “your side of the ball.” Most players, most of the time, hit off center far more often than they realize! Follow Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach training program and solve this problem in no time!



  • Practice off-court.
  • The science is solid.
  • The results are stunning.
  • Guaranteed improvement!
  • One of the few ball machines that uses only one ball!

Reduced distractions:

Because the Eye Coach eliminates the distractions of getting the ball over the net, learning is concentrated on eye strength, stroke and balance.

Repetition, repetition, repetition:

Practicing with correct technique leads to faster improvement.

Works at all levels of play:

The Eye Coach is the only system that can be used by pros and beginners alike. Eye strength is a skill every player can improve.

No slipping back:

Use the Eye Coach to maintain play levels between coaching sessions. In just 30 minutes a week, you'll improve your skills!  

Powerful instinctual learning:

Instinctive reactions are the most powerful athletic movements in the human body. The stronger your eye functions at contact, the more you can tap into these instincts.

Available in 2 sizes:

  • Eye Coach Professional - height adjustable between 32 and 39 inches. The Eye Coach Pro now has increased weight and a POWER DISC that further simulates the eye skills needed to scan, track and focus correctly at contact. The new crossbar arrows will benefit the player by helping them position their feet for maximum balance and power at contact.
  • Eye Coach Jr. for children under 4'2" feet tall - height adjustable between 28.5" and 30.5"
  • Replacement arm flexor and replacement ball also available from drop down menu. The replacement arm flexor comes with the spring and a ball, so no need to buy a separate replacement ball with the arm flexor. Please note that you will need to pick the proper replacement arm flexor depending on your machine (Professional or Junior). However, the replacement ball works for both models. 

    5 week guarantee! - Follow the training manual and you are guaranteed success within 5 weeks.


"The Eye Coach is the most exciting idea in tennis coaching I have ever seen. In just 10 minutes a day for 5 weeks, you'll change your game forever." -Billie Jean King  

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8. The Eye Coach

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