7. Ball Magnet



The Ball Magnet

1 Unit Dimensions: 36 x 5 x 8 (7 lbs)

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The Ball Magnet is a must for all tennis facilities offering clinics; lessons; drills; tournaments and especially Cardio tennis.
The BM is a net overlay which captures 80%+ of balls hit into the net which allows for uninterrupted drills and lessons. More time can be spend resting or reviewing technique; drills etc. and less time on ball pick-up. 
It's like having your very own invisible ball boy!
1. Spend more Time Playing
* LESS DISRUPTION for lessons, drills and play
* Speeds up match-play 
* More time playing and less TIME picking up balls
* Nearly INVISIBLE and unnoticeable while playing
* IDEAL for using a ball machine
2. Safety - Avoid Ankle Injuries
* SAVE pickup effort & Keep balls off adjoining courts
* Fewer LOST BALLS and lower replacement cost
3. Easy 2-Sided Installation
* Sets up in a few minutes

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7. Ball Magnet

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